McClendon Rectory - 1910

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Stylistic influence(s): Colonial Revival, arts & crafts
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Historic Use: Residence
Current Use: Residence
Historical designations:
City of Austin Historic Landmark
Building History
Lots 10 & 11 were sold to S.C. Robertson, assignee of Samuel G. Haynie, in 1850. In 1858, Robertson sold the lots to the Rev. Charles Gillette, who planned to be the rector of Christ Episcopal Church, which later joined the Church of the Epiphany and became St. David’s church at 7th & San Jacinto. Gillette was rector in 1859. Gov. Pease mortgaged the property in 1879, and released it in 1890. Sixteenth (Cherry) Street was cut through by 1890. In 1905 W.T. Watt of Waco bought the property from the Gillette family. Watt’s daughter Annie married James McClendon and the couple built their home across the street at 1606 Pearl. Watt deeded Lot 10 to Anne Watt McClendon as a wedding present in 1909.

The McClendons built the residence at 1603 Pearl circa 1910 as a rent house, and are believed to have lived here while their house across the street was being renovated; they moved back to their home in 1912. Much later they also built 903 and 905 W. 17th.

The address is listed as vacant in 1912. In 1914 the property was bought by Walter Bremond and D.K. Woodward from the McClendons, and in 1916 the ownership was conveyed to Bishop Kinsolving of the Diocese of Texas as the rectory for St. David’s Church, for the minister and his family.

Significant Persons Associated with Building
1909-1914: Judge James & Annie Watt McClendon, builders and original owners.
1914-1916: Dudley K. Woodward was later chairman of the Board of Regents of UT and one of the founders of St. David’s Hospital. Mr. Woodward was a cousin of Rev. Charles Sumners