Historic Homes in the Judges Hill Neighborhood

Judges Hill incorporates a number of properties that are designated as Historic Landmarks.

These pages highlight the historic properties within the Judges Hill Neighborhood.

Landmark designations include:

  • Two properties individually listed on the National Register of Historic Places
  • Nine properties designated as Recorded Texas Historic Landmarks
  • 23 City of Austin Historic Landmarks (these include the properties with National and State designations)

Navigate these pages using the links to the right to view landmark properties by street as well as details on individual landmarks.

Lost Homes - The “Ghosts of Judges Hill”

Phoebe Allen has documented the history of Judges Hill and one of the results of that research was a story titled “The Ghosts of Judges Hill.” Phoebe has presented it to the public on numerous occasions in conjunction with Preservation Austin and it has been used numerous times to educate school children on the history of Austin.