City of Austin CodeNEXT

Multi-Use High-Density Zoning in Judges Hill

All of the SF3 households in Judges Hill will be impacted by the City’s rezoning of Judges Hill land from single-family to much greater density and multi-use in its recently released “CodeNEXT” zoning plan – no SF3 remains. Learn more about the proposed zoning changes that would allow a developer to shoehorn 4-5 units onto one lot. CodeNext allows multiple dwelling units and uses (office, retail, lodging) on on a single lot, at the developer’s discretion, with limited recourse for neighbors.

• Change in Property Values

• Change in Neighborhood Character

• Increased Density and Use Permitted (and related issues of noise, traffic, and street parking)

No Parcel remains Single Family Residence.

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What YOU can DO to Become Informed and Ensure YOUR Interests are Served

JHNA previously voted to support the Downtown Austin Plan

The Downtown Austin Plan (DAP) should be incorporated into CodeNext as it achieves a balanced approach supportive of greater density and use while preserving the character of Judges Hill through agreed upon setbacks, gradual height step ups and massing.

Act: Come to the CodeNEXT Zone Mapping Open House

City Council District 9 (Area Represented by Kathie Tovo)

When: Saturday June 3rd, 10:00am - Noon
Where: Austin City Hall, 301 W, 2nd St – Free Parking

Act: Schedule a Meeting with a Dedicated City Staff Member

Individual or small group meetings of up to 15 minutes with a city planner

Act: Leave comments on the City of Austin CodeNEXT Maps

Deadline: June 7th

See the text boxes near the bottom of the page. Comments made by these deadlines will be reviewed by city staff of the planning and zoning and planning and platting departments in their work with the consultants in preparing second drafts.

Act: Leave comments on the City of Austin CodeNEXT Text

Deadline: June 7th
Comment on the Code Document:

Act: Participate in the City of Austin’s Online Survey

Questions: Send to -
5/13/2017 - Please check back for more information on CodeNEXT